Market-Leading Tug and Barge Company with 30 years’ experience

Polaris Marine is an Australian marine services company with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. It has been providing services to the maritime industry predominately on the east coast of Australia for 30 years in sectors including offshore towage, marine construction, salvage, vessel supply and manning.

As a stable company, Polaris is continually exploring investments in new vessels and new areas of service in the marine sector, where our management and marine skills could be beneficial. Polaris Marine has positioned itself to create growth strategy with financial stability to continue expanding and utilising the extensive experience of management and its highly skilled personnel retained through its history to become a market leader.


Innovative and Effective Solutions for Marine Harbour services

Polaris Marine’s continued growth and success will be dictated by their ability to successfully combine high quality vessels with expert personnel to deliver the optimal outcome for our clients. Polaris Marine has been focused on a significant expansion program in the last two years having been active in;

  • Broadening the markets that Polaris Marine services i.e. infrastructure, oil and gas, dredging and international projects.
  • Employing industry leading personnel – corporate, project and vessel management.
  • Vessel Acquisition – focused on servicing the larger projects in Australia and internationally.

When combined with our endeavour to provide excellence in vessel operations and commitment to the health and safety of our personnel and Polaris Marine’s commitment to environmentally sustainable work practices, we aim to become a market leader in the international marine sector.


Versatile Marine Fleet providing Offshore and Harbour Services

It is not possible to operate successfully in the marine services industry without a clearly defined approach to vessels and personnel.  Polaris Marine offers its clients an industry leading and comprehensive project service:

  • vessels where and when you want them.
  • pre-eminently maintained and reliable vessels.
  • project management and maritime staff.
  • stringent operating procedures on work sites.
  • well understood and managed OH&S policies.
  • management of other vessels and personnel as required.

Polaris Marine believes it has few peers in the industry for full service delivery of premium maritime services at a market price. 

  • "Heron thanks you for setting a high standard of service and putting us in good stead for our future works in Sydney. "

                                                                                                    Heron Construction Co. Ltd – email

  • "We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your participation in ‘Little Ted’s Big Adventure’.  Without your keen involvement and fabulous enthusiasm, it would not have been possible to produce such a successful series."

                                                                                                                    ABC Television – letter

  • "On behalf of all The Staff at Sunrise Pools, we would like to thank you for the exceptional work carried out by yourself and all members of Polaris Marine’s team on our project at Drummoyne. "

                                                                                                                       Sunrise Pools – Letter


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