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Polaris Marine is renowned for its barge hire because of the extensive range of barges available. We help our customers complete all kinds of marine projects with ease, including the delivery of construction and building material, garbage disposal, soil excavation, cranes and much more. Our barges come in a variety of sizes to suit the many different purposes, from self-loading barges for cranes to roll on/roll off barges for transportation of vehicles. We have access to all kinds of waterfront areas, from Sydney Harbour to the remote Australian coastal ports. All of our barges are compliant with ISO standards and hold valid survey certificates. For barge hire, Contact us now or view our diverse selection of barges.


“Heron thanks you for setting a high standard of service and putting us in good stead for our future works in Sydney.”

Heron Construction Co. Ltd – email

“We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your participation in ‘Little Ted’s Big Adventure’. Without your keen involvement and fabulous enthusiasm, it would not have been possible to produce such a successful series.”

ABC Television – letter

“On behalf of all The Staff at Sunrise Pools, we would like to thank you for the exceptional work carried out by urself and all members of Polaris Marine’s team on our project at Drummoyne. “

Sunrise Pools – Letter

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