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6 Things to Look Out For When Choosing a Barge Hire Company

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1. A full range of services and equipment

When deciding on a barge hire company that’s right for you, it’s a good idea to consider the range of services and equipment they can offer in addition to barge hire. Whether you need waterside construction delivery and transportation, salvage solutions, waste collection and disposals or harbour towage, the company you choose should be able to deliver. Polaris provides all of these services with maximum efficiency to make your project as smoothly as possible.

2. Flexibility

A company that offers barge hire should be able to confidently accommodate all kinds of projects and events. At Polaris, the wide range of barges, boats and equipment – in addition to highly qualified crew – makes it possible to deliver products ranging from items as small as a generator to those as large as a shipping container.

3. Experience

Extensive experience in the industry tends to mean reliable services and top-quality equipment. It also means a diverse collection of barges, cranes and workboats that can get the job done in a more precise manner. Put your mind at ease with professional, expert personnel that can help you with any project. With 26 years of experience in the industry, Polaris has a wealth of experience to offer all clients.

5. Consultative capacity

It’s a good reflection of industry expertise and resources if a barge hire company can also provide consultative services. Polaris has a wide range of barges, cranes, deck lighters and hoppers available to suit your project, and can supply on/offshore turnkey projects – locally or internationally.

6. Reliability

Reliable service and equipment are absolutely essential when it comes to managing your projects. A barge hire company with high standards, excellent testimonials and lots of expertise is ideal. Polaris’ delivery services ranges from as far north as Manly to as far south as Sutherland and everything in between. Maintaining a tight schedule can be challenging in a marine environment but with decades of experience on the water, Polaris makes it possible.


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