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The Best Barge Rental Option For Your Project

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When faced with a new project that requires a barge, selecting the right barge rental option is important to ensure safety, efficiency and sticking within a reasonable budget. Barges are a necessary tool and are handy for a number of different industries and tasks that require the transportation of freight on bodies of water. These are the critical elements to consider before going ahead with barge rental from Polaris Marine.

Polaris Marine is proud to be a market leader with a stellar reputation for providing tug and barge rental services to suit the needs of many companies around the coasts of Australia. Not only do we have seven different types of barges in our fleet, we also offer access to other privately owned vessels, thanks to our strong relationships with a broad network of owners.

The key aspect to note when wanting to select the best barge rental is the nature of the marine project you’re undertaking, as our selection of vessels is designed for varying uses. This mostly depends on the load of the cargo being transported, as well as the location and accessibility of the project itself.

For example, large-scale construction work or projects that require the transportation of very heavy loads are best suited to our powerful PM Southbarge, or theFPS-55-10.

Perhaps you are looking for a barge that cannot only transport but also lift heavy material? For marine projects such as these, our fleet boasts three types of crane barge rental options. TheTiny Titanis ideal for projects with tight access and with its Palfinger crane, is a smaller but versatile crane barge. Tangaroa and PM Melbourneare the large options, perfect for lifting and moving high-mass loads often found at construction sites, such as heavy tiles and sand.

If your work site has limited or difficult access,Fred Kelly is the mobile barge rental of choice. Alternatively, Our TAMBAI II barge is best suited when needing to transfer vehicles such as a semi-trailer – this mighty self-propelled land barge can move loads of up to 50 tonnes.

With over thirty years of industry experience in marine services, Polaris Marine is a proudly Australian company that can assist in your industrial or commercial project needs. Our barge rental options include crane barges, roll on/roll off barges, self-loading barges and flat deck cargo barges, giving you plenty of choice and flexibility.

Selecting the correct barge depends solely on the project that will be undertaken. We recommend getting the opinion of a professional barge rental supplier, who is experienced in these particular situations. Contact us to see how we can help.