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Boat Transportation Guide: What vessel you will need for the job

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Looking for a boat transportation solution for a particular project, but feeling overwhelmed with the large amount of vessel options available online, and difficulty discerning what would best suit your needs? Here at Polaris Marine, we pride ourselves on being the market leaders in marine transport, offering sizable fleets of both tugboats and workboats for hire at a competitive price. Whether your upcoming job involves offshore towage, marine construction, silt curtain installation, overall project support or anything in between, rest assured we have got you covered with our quality fleet of reliable vessels, such as the ones below.


Looking for a boat that can not only transport but also lifts heavy materials? For projects around the harbour that are smaller in scale, look no further than either the Polaris or Leona. Both multi-purpose workboats have 2.9-tonne cranes and a double winch system.

Looking for a boat that can not only transport but also lift heavy materials?
Another nifty vessel is the Tarma, which also boasts a crane and barge, and is also great as a Bunker barge and is capable of carrying up to 18,000L of fuel.

Next up is the Zostera: equipped with a two-tonne winch system, this heavy-duty vessel serves as an excellent working platform and has a high degree of maneuverability thanks to its twin outboards. The last of our reliable workboats is the Caity Z. This trusty vessel is ideal for high-speed crew transfers, hard to access sites and general small-scale project support such as bottom surveying and fast response capabilities.


As Australia’s marine industry players with over 25 years of experience, towing is one of the key services we provide at Polaris Marine. No matter how unique or challenging your project needs are, you can be sure we have an appropriate tugboat to suit your boat transportation needs. Together with our skilled and experienced crew, our service is just as good as our extensive fleet.

One example of a quality tugboat that comes fully equipped is the Leaders Creek. This 22m long beauty is versatile and perfect for offshore towing, including internationally. Another such utility tug is the Edi, which is able to carry out ploughing and sweep bar operations.

Even bigger still is our Molly Grace – this clever tugboat has been modified to adapt to inshore operations such as dredging support, and as well offshore towing.

Fern Bay and Leveret are great boat transportation options. These quintessential tugboats operating on Sydney Harbour and on the coast of Australia, are known and loved for their ability to carry out many tasks including tug assists for ships and offshore towage.

Polaris Marine offers a variety of boat transportation vessels, including but not limited to the above, all with flexible hiring options. Selecting the right boat, be it a tug or workboat, is imperative for ensuring your job is completed efficiently, safely and effectively. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your Australian marine project.