When doing marine or inshore construction, pile driving or dredging activities, it is inevitable to get silt, sediment and debris in the water. During these times, it is important to maintain silt and turbidity control to follow environmental regulations during your project work.

Silt and turbidity control is another service the Polaris Marine team offers. We have our vessels and barges set up to handle any challenge or installation, wherever the location.

Floating Silt Curtain and Floating Silt Fence Suitable For Your Project

Different projects call for different silt and turbidity control needs. For this reason, Polaris Marine works together with manufacturers to design, supply and install a range of different products – from silt curtain for dredging to curtains for marine works – to suit our clients’ different environmental requirements.

We can manufacture tidal compensators, standoff brackets and supply all mooring and anchoring for any shore side or offshore condition, including:

  • Open Water & Dredging Curtains
  • Turbidity Containment Booms
  • Debris Deflection and Control
  • Oil Spill Containment Booms
  • Site Run-off Solutions
  • PMCE Joint Ventures

Polaris Marine and Chatoyer Environmental Pty Ltd (“Chatoyer”) have established a joint venture where each of our specialist services and products require and complement each other in relation to environmentally sensitive projects. Chatoyer produces oil spill response products, turbidity containment booms, and near shore & offshore containment booms. It was a natural progression for Polaris Marine to join with Chatoyer, as Polaris Marine and its employees have had many years’ experience in the installation of these products around dredge zones, reclamation areas and marine construction sites.

Polaris Marine and Chatoyer work together to design, research and develop products that handle almost any marine environmental requirement. This way, you can get silt and turbidity curtains that will work in accordance to your specific need and you’ll experience maximum efficiency for effective sediment control. After consulting with us, we can help you have the floating silt fence or silt curtain for dredging you will need for your site work.


Get reliable silt and turbidity control from Polaris Marine through our reliable floating silt curtain and turbidity curtains. Call us now to learn more about our supply and installation services.

Aside from this, we also offer other services, including barge for hire and waterside construction delivery systems. Learn more about Polaris Marine and the products we offer and contact us for your marine or offshore projects.