Polaris Marine’s diverse selection of barges, allows us to work with our customers to successfully provide platforms for marine project support, cranes and transportation of goods into all kinds of waterfront areas whether within Sydney Harbour or remote coastal ports around Australia.

Whether it’s for delivery of construction and building material, aggregate minerals, garbage disposal, soil excavation and remediation works, containers or for large cranes our fleet has the capacity to carry almost any load. Our fleet consists of a range of sizes including self-loading barges with purpose built cranes for delivery into small site areas, flat deck cargo barges, roll on/roll off barges for vehicle transport and large construction barges for project services. Depending on the size of and duration of the project, we can offer a selection of specialised owned assets or provide alternatives through our network.

All our barges are maintained to a stringent maintenance program compliant to ISO standards and hold valid survey certificates with the national regulator or with companies of the IACS.

PM South

PM South is a 55m x 18m barge ideal for construction work and large scale load out projects. Built in 2010 and well maintained, this barge has a dwt of 2100T and a deck capacity of 15t/sqm. Draft at lightship is 0.7m and a moulded depth of 3.65m. It is currently fitted with a 4 point hydraulic mooring system.


These two barges are large barges up to 55 meters in length and are ideal for carrying very heavy loads. They are well suited to commercial and industrial project works.

PM Melbourne

PM Melbourne is a 35m x 17m barge ideal for construction work and small to large scale load out projects.  Well maintained, this barge has a dwt of 1300T and a deck capacity of 15t/sqm.  Draft at lightship is 0.6m.  It is currently fitted with a 4 point hydraulic mooring system.


Tangaroa is our second crane barge with more capability than Tiny Titan. She is suitable for building sites and has a crane with a larger lift capacity. She can transport bricks, tiles, sand in larger quantities than Tiny Titan as well as heavy plant. It can carry up to 26 time 2 cubic meter waste…

Tiny Titan

This barge has a Palfinger crane and is perfect to use for delivery of landscape products including plant to sites with tight access. She is also capable of delivering and picking up waste. She is a good versatile compact workhorse.

Fred Kelly

Her size gives her greater mobility to work on sites with limited or difficult access. Heavy plant such as an Excavator can be easily transported on this barge.


Tambai is a self-propelled land barge capable of carrying loads of up to 50 tonne. This vessel is ideal for transferring vehicles including a single semi-trailer within both sheltered waters or offshore