Barge hire to waterside construction sites forms one of the cores of marine harbour services offered by Polaris Marine. The flexibility of our barges to access sites where road or land access is difficult or nonexistence is first class. For all those complicated deliveries, Polaris lives up to its motto “Delivering the difference’ by doing site inspections to pre-empt any difficulties arising on the actual day.

Adaptable Waterside Construction Delivery Methods For Efficient Transport 

Rhumb_Matilda_Pushing_Cargo_Darling_HarbourOur delivery area encompasses all sheltered waters of Sydney ranging from as far north as Manly to as far south as Sutherland and all areas in between. Due to the nature of our marine environment, it can be challenging to maintain a tight schedule but as testified by our client base this is a goal that Polaris is successful attaining.

The combination of our crane barges and our experienced and qualified crew allows the delivery of products as small as a generator to as large as a 40’ container, as fragile as a small sculpture to as heavy as a concrete truck. The range and reliability of our fleet ensure that our delivery service offers both an economical and efficient solution to any query.


Polaris’s barges and tugs have successfully engaged in waterside construction deliveries for the past 30 years and this experience is hard to beat.