In recent times Polaris Marine has invested in and acquired specialized vessels and equipment for the dredging industry.

Our vessels have been designed to suit hopper barge towage, float pipe maneuvering and connection, backhoe dredge assistance and relocation, and all aspects of day to day dredging requirements.

Our vessels are able to work in shallow water depths with minimum under keel clearance.
Recently, our expansion in this field has seen us construct a specifically designed sweep bar and modifications to one of our tugs for the dual point attachment of the 20t bar.  As such we now offer services for bed leveling and sweeping operations.  Our sweep tug was chosen for her minimum crew requirements and low fuel consumption, making her very popular on dredge projects.

Polaris Marine has handpicked specific crew ranging from Masters to General Purpose hands, all with years of experience on dredging projects throughout Australia.

Our vessels and experienced crew, coupled with our proven track record make Polaris Marine the right choice for any dredge projects wanting to maximise production rates and KPI’s.