With over 30 years of experience in the marine industry, Polaris Marine provides assistance to sand dredging and bed leveling operations. We boast a strong track record in the marine construction sector, making us the perfect partner to work with on large-scale dredge projects aiming for high production rates.

Our wide selection of barges and tugs are designed to cover all aspects of the dredging process. Whether it’s to relocate and dispose marine aggregates or to install floating silt curtains for sediment control, our fleet has what it takes to help carry your sand dredging project to completion. We currently own and operate EDI, which now carries a dual mounter 20t sweep bar, making her the perfect choice for any dredging project. We also made refitted one of largest tugs, Molly Grace, to provide support in large-scale sand dredging operations.
Polaris Marine also supplies and installs silt and turbidity curtains, which help control the amount of sediment and debris that gets into the water. This prevents sediment from spreading and affecting Australia’s marine life. After consulting with us, our highly qualified staff will install the silt and turbidity curtains on your behalf. As with all Polaris Marine products, expect high-quality sediment control from our silt curtains.

We carefully handpick our crew, each equipped with years of experience working in sand dredging projects, to deliver exceptional service to you. With our specialized vessels and highly trained crew, Polaris Marine is the number one choice to take on large-scale sand dredging projects. Contact us if you are in need of assistance in your coastal or offshore projects.