Advantages of implementing a Silt Curtain to Your Project

Silt curtains are used to prevent marine pollution during construction projects. The floating curtains sit in waterways to contain mobilised soil and turbidity within a certain boundary, ensuring the water doesn’t turn murky or cloudy from suspended particles. These barriers are manufactured for dredging, marine construction, and to control sediment in bodies of water.

Polaris Marine offers silt curtain and turbidity control for a range of different shore side or offshore projects, with products to suit different environmental requirements including; open water and dredging curtains, turbidity containment booms, debris deflection and control, oil spill containment booms, site run-off solutions and PMCE joint ventures.


Maintain a clean environment

It is our responsibility to protect the environment where we can, and through turbidity control we can maintain the water quality and clarity. There are certain sites where turbidity can cause serious issues, so it crucial to implement silt curtains to a project that may affect ecologically sensitive habitats and nearby aquatic systems, water intakes used for cooling or desalination, as well as areas with socio-economic benefits. Implementing a secure silt curtain can help maintain the well-being of marine ecosystems, keeping them healthy and thriving, undisturbed.

Cost effective

The cost associated with upfront supply and installation is insignificant compared to damages incurred from failing to implement a silt curtain, damages to the environment, the construction project and legal fees from disregarding environmental regulations.

Quick installation

Polaris Marine’s vessels and barges are designed to handle any challenge or installation, wherever the location. With years of experience in silt curtain installation, it’s a reliable, fast and effective solution to preventing waterway pollution of fine sand, clay or other sediments that can be a result of construction activity.

Protection from legal action and fines

Silt curtains not only provide protection for the environment, but for your business as well. It is imperative that your project complies with government regulations to avoid legal action and serious environmental and health issues if local water sources are disrupted.

Polaris Marine holds Health, Safety and Environment as paramount to its operating philosophy. The prevention of incidents and accidents is a fundamental requirement for management and is reinforced in communications with the teams and contractors. Polaris Marine sees a safe working environment as an essential prerequisite in this age.

To organise your silt curtain supply and installation, or to learn more about the products we offer, contact us at Polaris Marine.