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How it Works: Towing Procedure for Tugboat

Towing Procedure for Tugboat

When considering the towing procedure for tugboat services with your upcoming marine project, the operation of such towing services in Australia are often complex and lengthy, as it directly impacts how ships, boats and vessels are directed in ports. Tugs are vessels that assist in safely and efficiently moving and directing ships in restricted bodies of water. Towage services are an essential part of many marine projects. These include not only steering ships through navigational channels, assisting in berth-related activities such as moving on, off and between separate berths, but also deep-sea towage and salvage work.

With Australia’s huge coastline, it’s clear to see how important towing procedure for tugboats are, as they assist ships, especially in difficult ports and restricted channels, whilst simultaneously protecting other nearby vessels and the surrounding in marine infrastructure from damage.

In regards to towing procedure for tugboats, it is usually best decided on a case-by-case basis, primarily depending on the type of environment and waterway in which a project is located and will be undertaken. Another factor to consider is the type of vessels that are involved, including the tug as well as the boat.

Many factors have to be considered relating to the towing procedure for tugboat. These include; the weather conditions and forecast, the size and efficiency of both tug and boat, and the port itself.  For example, harsh or difficult weather can have a huge impact on the safety of the project and the personnel working on or around the vessel. This means forecasts have to be monitored in detail, including the speed of any potential changes.  There are other clearance requirements that are imposed that are specific to the channels and berths, tidal patterns, working practices such as the timing of movements, and if there is a need to swing vessels. The size, maneuverability and design of the vessels will impact the towing procedure for tugboat.

Polaris Marine is proud to specialise in providing a range of tugboats for hire to suit the needs of your project. As well as helping you with selecting the right tug, we can also provide a team of professional and experienced personnel to operate the vessel. You can rest assured that by hiring a tugboat and tug crew from us, our dedicated team is aware and up to date with the towing procedure for tugboat, and that the equipment itself holds valid survey certificates. We have successfully assisted with and completed thousands of towage jobs at sea, around Australia and internationally, without incident, so you know your project is in safe hands.

Want to find out more information or see how we can help make your upcoming sea project a breeze? Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly team members about all your long or short distance towing needs.