Vessel and crew management
Polaris Marine takes a very proactive approach to the ongoing vessel and technical management and specialises in operating and managing vessels safely, efficiently and effectively in accordance with owner’s needs, in line with the vessel’s design and operating requirements. This includes every aspect of monitoring the vessel certifications, crewing, performance, planned and project maintenance, deck & engine maintenance and budget control. Polaris Marine can provide assistance in connection with the sale and purchase of vessels both locally and internationally by giving an independent view of the condition and the desired purpose for the vessel.

Polaris Marine crew management always strives to ensure the highest skills standards and competencies for both crews and shore staff. A high crew retention rate has been achieved by regular communication and a commitment to staff well-being. Polaris Marine recognises that crew competency and motivation are key to any vessel’s safe and efficient operation. We understand the importance of selection and retention of key personnel to the overall functioning of the vessel.